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Horix Parts

If your production line depends on liquid fillers and filling systems produced by Horix Manufacturing, but you’re missing a vital part that’s bringing your day-to-day operations to a halt, we may have a solution for you. Here at Change Parts, Inc., we offer a full range of replacement parts for filling systems developed by the Pennsylvania-based household brand.

Types of Horix Replacement Parts

Here is a list of some Horix replacement parts that are commonly needed for maintaining and repairing Horix liquid fillers and filling systems:

  • Filling Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Pump Seals
  • Gaskets and O-rings
  • Sensors and Switches
  • Actuators
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Filling Heads
  • Drive Belts
  • Flow Meters

These parts help ensure that your Horix filling systems function efficiently and minimize downtime caused by mechanical failures. For specific models or further assistance, contact us directly for support and access to a wider range of specialized components.

Ordering Horix Parts for Your Liquid Filling Systems

To order your Horix part, just simply send us your machine model’s number and serial number, and let us know which parts you need. If you’re unsure about the model and serial numbers, our staff can help.

Our comprehensive selection of Horix parts includes everything you need to keep your Horix liquid fillers and filling systems up and running, regardless of the specific model or filling approach used. Whether you need to secure container handling or achieve faster changeover but don’t have the essential Horix parts to do so, Change Parts, Inc. has got you covered!

Horix Parts We Offer

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