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Polycarbonate Safety Shields

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As COVID–19 is reshaping the American Life, it is also reshaping the way manufacturers are doing business. Change Parts is dedicated to slowing the spread of COVID-19. In response, we have started manufacturing polycarbonate safety shields. The safety shield allows the employee to observe the working surface from a comfortable standing or seated position. The shields are suitable for retail, office, work cell and production line work and are custom fabricated to meet the employer’s application. Together, let’s slow down the spreading of COVID-19. 

Guarding Workers with Polycarbonate Safety Shields 

Polycarbonate safety shields are a necessity for a variety of environments. They can protect workers and bystanders from harmful flying debris, chemicals, and more. Change Parts manufacturers durable, secure polycarbonate safety shields to provide safety to your entire staff. We offer two types of safety shields:  

  • Self-Standing Safety Shields 

  • Desk & Countertop Safety Shields

Polycarbonate Safety Shield Features 

Our polycarbonate safety shields are designed to protect anyone that may be in harm's way in certain uncontrollable environments, like laboratories or factories. These shields are crafted with high-quality polycarbonate, able to withstand high temperatures. They are capable of blocking multiple forms of debris due to their dense nature.  

Flying debris or chemicals can pose a significant threat to your team. The unique design of these shields ensures your staff is thoroughly protected on all sides. With a weighted base, there is no risk that our polycarbonate safety shields will fall and endanger your staff.   

In addition to these safety features, all Change Parts polycarbonate shields are completely transparent, allowing your team to do their work without any interference.   


Polycarbonate Safety Shield Applications

Polycarbonate safety shields are used in a variety of environments. Commonly, they’re seen in environments that use chemicals, such as laboratories and universities. These shields can protect workers, students, and professors from chemicals used in experiments. 

These shields are also extremely useful in manufacturing plants and factories of any kind. Manufacturing lines can present the danger of flying debris, which can put your team at risk. Behind the safety of a polycarbonate shield, your team can complete their tasks without the risk of injury from debris. 

In terms of retail and other institutions, polycarbonate safety shields are often used in: government institutions, gas stations and most grocery stores to ensure workers have boundaries from customers. 

The Industry-Leading Polycarbonate Safety Shield Manufacturer

Change Parts connects you to premium polycarbonate safety shields that fit various needs. With a variety of different solutions, you’ll find a safety shield suited for your individual needs.  

We care about keeping your workers safe, and that’s why we only use the most reliable polycarbonate materials in our shield design. When you choose Change Parts, you’re choosing to protect your staff in the most efficient way possible. 

Reach out to us today for more information on our reliable polycarbonate safety shields!

Get Started with Custom Safety Shields & Sneeze Guards

Safety shields provide essential protection for workers, ensuring a secure barrier against potential hazards such as debris, machinery, and germs—just to name a few. These shields are designed to minimize the risk of workplace accidents and promote a safe working environment for personnel.

To get started with custom safety and sneeze guard shields for your facility, contact us today and request a free quote.



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