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Benefits of Buying Used or Rebuilt Equipment


Most companies and businesses only think about purchasing new equipment when planning to expand their capacities. However, new equipment is costly, even for international enterprises that earn large amounts of profit.

When thinking about adding more equipment, consider purchasing used or rebuilt equipment. It can provide your business with numerous advantages you maybe weren’t even aware of. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about some of the benefits you can expect to receive when buying used or rebuilt equipment.

1.Lower costs

The most obvious and probably the most significant advantage of purchasing used or rebuilt industrial equipment is a much lower price. As soon as a piece of equipment is unpacked and used, its value rapidly decreases, similar to any new product.

However, that doesn’t mean the equipment’s performance and quality deteriorate too. In most cases, used equipment works flawlessly, so it’s a perfect way to purchase almost brand-new machinery at a much better price.

2.Quick ROI

Because you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on purchasing used equipment, you can expect to receive a much better and quicker return on investment rate than with new industrial pieces.

Not only will you have to spend less, but you’ll also receive the equipment in a matter of days. This means you can immediately implement the equipment into the production process and start working on your ROI.

3.Immediate purchases

Sometimes, it’s not possible to predict and plan all industrial machinery requirements. Many facilities suddenly develop a need for a particular piece of equipment, especially if their working machine stops working.

Used and rebuilt equipment is perfect for these situations as it allows companies to make instant purchases and receive their products shortly after. The whole buying process, including signing the paperwork and delivery, can last up to a few days, after which companies are free to use their newly-acquired equipment.

Contrary to this, the new equipment must be built first. The wait times for this complex process are at least eight weeks.

4.Easy inspection

Purchasing a used system comes with a great benefit, which is inspecting and viewing the equipment in person. Moreover, owners will be happy to show potential buyers how machines operate and function. This will allow you to sift through each aspect of the system.

Since new equipment is often built after placing the order, it’s impossible to inspect the equipment’s performance before it arrives.

5.Simple maintenance

If your company has a machine that needs replacing, maybe it’s better to find the same or similar model. If the brand doesn’t carry the same machine, finding used or rebuilt equipment might be a perfect solution.

You won’t have to spend time and resources training your staff to operate a completely different machine, as they’ll already know the essentials.

6.Lower insurance rates

Insuring used and rebuilt equipment is typically more affordable than insuring new equipment. Because insurance companies base their rates on replacement costs, it’s always better to insure a used piece of machinery. Besides saving on purchasing costs, you’ll also save on insurance costs, which will boost your ROI even more.

Final thoughts

Opting for used or rebuilt industrial machinery can save you a lot of time, money, and other resources. Change Parts, Inc. carries a large amount of used inventory examined and ready to ship. Browse your used equipment on our website and contact us today to receive more information about every system!



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