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TPM Friendly Headset

A TPM friendly headset is a necessity around any machinery and equipment. It ensures that everything is working as it should, without any glitches. It’s a fantastic hysteresis clutch made up of magnetic-clutch-operated equipment that reassures the performance of other bottle capping equipment. 

TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance. It’s a proactive maintenance system that promises to streamline the processes in a bottling plant. It comes with all the features required to speed up the installation, changing, and maintenance process. 

Below, we’ll talk about the TPM friendly headset – its purpose, benefits, and features. 

What Is the TPM Friendly Headset Used For?

A TPM Friendly headset is an essential part of the bottling industry. It’s a headset that maximizes productivity and makes sure that everything is running according to plan. As the bottling industry is very competitive, optimizing internal operations is crucial, and a fantastic way to go about it is with a proper hysteresis clutch. 

That means that the TPM friendly headset is used to improve the overall equipment effectiveness index, allowing companies to do more work in a shorter time frame. They can achieve this because the TPM friendly headset minimizes delays in the manufacturing process and reassures that everything is running smoothly. 

The benefits of TPM friendly headsets

There are many benefits of using a TPM friendly headset on the bottling plant site, such as:

  • Faster production
  • Lower costs of operation
  • Improved OEE
  • Preventative maintenance

What Are the Features of the TPM Friendly Headset?

A TPM friendly headset is comprised of several different parts, such as:

  1. High-Performance Bearing 
  2. Non-Metallic Sliding Joint
  3. Push Button Torque Change
  4. Torque Lock
  5. Fixed Top Load Ring
  6. Smooth Hysteresis Torque 
  7. Lifetime Sealed Magnet 

All of these parts are combined to create the TPM friendly headset hysteresis clutch. The whole headset is only 3" in diameter, which ensures that it fits most OEM and has a lower weight and inertia. The TPM’s smooth body design provides a slick appearance that is more aseptic than the brushed design, which means that it’s free from disease-causing microorganisms.

The non-metallic sliding joint virtually eliminates grease from the joint, further decreasing microbial growth. 

The bearing is made out of stainless steel, and the bearing grease is temperature-resistant and food-grade. It has excellent torque control, and the TPM is virtually immune to wear. 

Lastly, the top load ring is fixed, which means that any excessive load weight is eliminated. That ensures durability, especially when combined with the top load rings load variability. 

Hysteresis Clutch Conclusion

A TPM friendly headset is a staple of any modern bottling plant. Not only does it reduce costs – it reduces maintenance and improves durability. In a cut-throat industry, such as the world of bottling, a TPM makes the necessary difference that helps your bottling plant reach new heights. 





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