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Change Parts, Inc. offers precision manufactured timing screw drive kits to replace indexing/timing stars for faster, more positive transfer of containers.¬†CPI timing screw kits¬†are manufactured with deluxe adjustable in and out, up and down mounting brackets, “Kwik-Change”¬† timing screw brackets for fast, no tools changeover and are available as a machine driven kit or a free standing unit complete with¬†DC motor and controller or with a servo motor drive. Kits are also available to orient, combine, divide, accelerate and decelerate or space containers at any point in the packaging line.

Timing screws are available to infeed, dwell, transfer, combine, invert and divide, orient, space or accelerate and decelerate containers. CPI screws feature a smooth finish to avoid scuffing or marking the containers or labels and can be color coded for easy identification. Regardless of your container size; round, square, rectangular, oval or other unique shape, CPI can provide a feedscrew to meet your needs.

Timing Screw Drive Kit

   Timing Screw Drive Kit

Let Change Parts, Inc. be the source for your timing screws and drive kits!

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