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‚ÄúSpace Saver‚ÄĚ Parts Cart

               Parts Cart Components


- Save valuable floor space by storing more components in less space
- Less space = less COST
- Low priced components make it practical to purchase with your change part order

- Vertically to accept parts from a small frame machine up to monobloc machines
- Horizontally to accept parts from a small to large spacing between decks

- Components available to hold feedscrews of any length or diameter
- Boxes and shelves available to hold your other components such as Capping Chucks, Filling Nozzles, Centering Bells, etc.

- Purchase new mounting components when you order Change Parts
- No need to buy “up front‚ÄĚ
- Spread the cost over time

Space Saver Parts Cart & Components Data Sheet

TG Arm

TG Arm      TG Arm

Easy to Install
- The ball assembly simply screws into the existing threaded hole in the transgrip arm shaft

- Existing Transgrip Arm Assemblies can be converted to “Kwik Change”
- No need to buy new arms when converting from the standard mounting

Time Saver
- Quickly change arms with the flick of a lever

No Loose Parts
- All parts are contained within the Transgrip Arm
- Eliminates the current socket head cap screw

TG Arm Data Sheet