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Change Parts, Inc. is the industry leader for cap handling change parts. Our expertise in the packaging machinery field lets us solve the most complicated cap handling problems. Our experienced, expert designers can custom design cap chuck assemblies (except TC style), chuck jaw sets, escapements, cap chutes, chute ends, cap pick-off tables and guides, transgrip arms, pick-off buttons and cap sorting parts. We can design cap handling change parts for any cap size or shape.

Cap Handling Change Parts

We manufacture cap handling change parts for the following machines:

Alcoa Cappers

Arol Cappers

Consolidated Cappers

Pneumatic Scale Cappers

Resina Cappers

Zalkin Cappers

Other OEM’s Parts Available Upon Request

We also supply replacement parts for your cap chucks

Let CPI become your cap handling experts!

For More Information Please Call:

Kevin Mead, 231-845-5107Ext 1333,